Speakers by Category

Ronan O'Gara speaker
Leadership Coach & Former Irish Rugby Player
Global Macro Economist, Advisor, Journalist & Adjunct Professor at Trinity College Dublin   
Business Author, Financial Times and Huffington Post Columnist, Mentor and TED Speaker
rachel botsman
Global Trust Expert, Oxford University Lecturer, Author
Jim Gavin
Authority on Leadership, Record-breaking Gaelic Football Manager, Former Commissioned Officer, Aviation Professional, Former Military Pilot
Founder of Valuable500, Global Advocate for Inclusion and Motivational Speaker 
Rory Stewart Former UK Cabinet Minister, 'The Rest is Politics' Podcast Co-Host
Former UK Cabinet Minister, 'The Rest is Politics' Podcast Co-Host
Technology and Digital Entrepreneur and Women’s Leadership Advocate  
Psychotherapist, Assistant Professor of Mental Health, Best-selling Author, Columnist and Broadcaster
Luke O_Neill
Professor of Biochemistry, Entrepreneur, Author, Science Ambassador 
Virgin Media News Journalist and Presenter on The Tonight Show    
Shane Coleman
Award-Winning Current Affairs Broadcaster & Co-Host of Newstalk’s Morning Show
Paul O_Connell
Assistant Coach to the Irish Rugby Team, Former Ireland and Munster Rugby Team Captain
Former Captain of the Leinster, Irish and Lions Rugby Team  
Professor of Organisational Behaviour, London Business School
Award-Winning Author of 'Small Things like These' & 'Foster' (An Cailín Ciúin), Contributor to the New Yorker
Chief Evangelist at Canva, Former Brand Ambassador for Mercedes-Benz, Former Chief Evangelist at Apple
Health Professional, Facilitator and Coach
Former International Rugby Referee & LGBT Campaigner turned Farmer    
Bob Geldof
Rock Star, Philanthropist, Provocateur and Businessman 
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