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Bestselling author, kidnapping survivor and expert on resilience
Practicing NHS GP, Presenter & Author
Health professional, facilitator and coach
Comedian, Impressionist and MC/Presenter
Bob Geldof
Rock star, philanthropist, provocateur and businessman 
Christine Armstrong
Author of the The Mother of all Jobs and Adviser on the Future of Work
Peter Cosgrove
Future of Work Expert, Author and Media Commentator
Yves Morieux
Author, TED Speaker & Senior Partner at The Boston Consulting Group  
stella o malley
Psychotherapist, Mental Health Advocate, Author
trisha lewis
Weight-loss Influencer, Author, Chef, Health & Fitness Convert and Advocate
Harvard Psychologist, Best-Selling Author and TED Speaker
One of the world’s youngest serial entrepreneurs
Digital Anthropologist and Researcher in Technology Culture
chris flack
Co-founder of UnPlug and Instructor at the Digital Wellness Institute
kaihan krippendorf
Entrepreneur, CEO of Outthinker, Author
WIRED Editor-at-large, Sunday Times (UK) Tech columnist, tech company adviser
Editor of Business & Finance Magazine and MC/Moderator  
Broadcaster, Designer, Writer & Entrepreneur
Dan O_Brien
Chief Economist, Institute of International and European Affairs      
Nigel Owens
Welsh International, World Cup and Heineken Cup Rugby Union Referee