Well-being Speakers

Do you need well-being speakers for your upcoming event?

For forward-thinking organisations, it was already a key consideration, but the pandemic has seen well-being rise to the top of the agenda. The workplace is radically altered, and everyone is feeling the change.

Some are under pressure to adapt—fast. And in a world where uncertainty now seems to be the default, anxiety, depression and stress are common. Others are simply struggling with finding the right work-life balance, or just know that they could feel (and do) better.

This is where well-being speakers come in. Whether they’re talking about habits, nutrition, exercise or mindset, our speakers help people get and stay on track.

    Well-being Speakers

    Here is a sample of well-being speakers that we provide:

    Experienced Parent Coach, Founder of Parent Support, Corporate Wellness
    robert kelly
    Consultant Cardiologist and Health Coach
    Ian Robertson
    Clinical Psychologist, Neuroscientist, Emeritus Professor of Psychology at Trinity College Dublin, Co-Director Global Brain Health Institute, Author
    Jim Gavin
    Authority on Leadership, Record-breaking Gaelic Football Manager, Commissioned Officer, Aviation Professional, Former Military Pilot