Well-being Speakers

Do you need well-being speakers for your upcoming event?

For forward-thinking organisations, it was already a key consideration, but the pandemic has seen well-being rise to the top of the agenda. The workplace is radically altered, and everyone is feeling the change.

Some are under pressure to adapt—fast. And in a world where uncertainty now seems to be the default, anxiety, depression and stress are common. Others are simply struggling with finding the right work-life balance, or just know that they could feel (and do) better.

This is where well-being speakers come in. Whether they’re talking about habits, nutrition, exercise or mindset, our speakers help people get and stay on track.

    Well-being Speakers

    Here is a sample of well-being speakers that we provide:

    Luke O_Neill
    Professor of Biochemistry, Entrepreneur, Author, Science Ambassador 
    Jim Gavin
    Authority on Leadership, Record-breaking Gaelic Football Manager, Commissioned Officer, Aviation Professional, Former Military Pilot
    Mindset Coach, Champion of Human Potential  
    Ian Robertson
    Clinical Psychologist, Neuroscientist, Emeritus Professor of Psychology at Trinity College Dublin, Co-Director Global Brain Health Institute, Author
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